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Arsenal FC Chesapeake believes in appropriate age and ability placement that is development focused. The player is the center with caring coaches that form a football club and community environment that pursue excellence.  We strive to develop soccer players into mature self-confident individuals and believe that the experiences as a player with Arsenal FC Chesapeake will be a positive impact throughout their lifetime.

The sole focus of Arsenal FC Chesapeake is the development of the individual player, our coaches and community. Our goal is to maximize the player, challenge them as well as our coaching staff that adheres to high standards, and positive environment for our players to grow. Arsenal FC Chesapeake is dedicated to assisting our players technical, tactical, physical, and psychological aspects of playing soccer and applying our values as they move forward in life.

  Gunner Academy:
The primary objective of our Academy program is to enable players to learn the game of soccer in a fun and stimulating environment. The focus is on developing their skills to help them be the best soccer players they can be, while maintaining a healthy and positive environment our Academy is offered in two formats Junior and Senior Gunners, see details below.
  Junior Academy:
The Junior. Academy Program is our grassroot first step developmental training program for players ages 4 to 7. Our Academy Director focuses on building the foundation for the future. Players have one training session per week and one match day. Match day is small sided games 3v3 or 4v4 to small goals to enable all the players to be engaged and always playing. We constantly strive to put players into appropriate player groupings to keep them challenged and have fun. 
Senior Academy:
The Senior Academy is the next level in our Academy program. This is for players ages 8-12 and provides two training sessions and a match day. At this age it is extremely important for players to master the skills and fundamentals needed to progress towards Challenge and Classic soccer at the older ages. Winning games is not the focus of the Senior Academy and while games will be played, no standings will be kept.

Challenge Soccer is our next level of play after Gunner Academy. This program is for players ages 9 -19 who want to improve to the next level of play and start playing against other clubs in the area. Challenge soccer is a one year commitment (both fall and spring) provides two training sessions and one match per week during season.
Classic Soccer is our travel program for those boys and girls ages 10-19 who want a more rigorous schedule and competitive game schedule than challenge (advanced soccer) and recreational soccer options. Classic soccer is a one year commitment (both fall and spring) provides two training sessions and two tournaments.

If you have questions or special requests, please email us at [email protected]

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2023-2024 Player Assessments

Posted: May 13, 2023
Still time to register, if you missed player assessments no problem, just reach out to our Director of Coaching. 

All the best to our players at Grassfield High School

Posted: MAR 13, 2023
Follow our players at Grassfield High School.

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Cornland Park (11:30 AM | 04/27/24)

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Gunner Academy Senior Area 1 (11:30 AM | 04/27/24)

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