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Gunner Academy FAQs

Arsenal FC Gunner Academy (Junior and Senior) Registration FAQs

How do I register my child for Arsenal FC Gunner Academy?

Arsenal FC offers easy on-line registration method that allows you to register your player(s):

What do I need for registration?

Parents or legal guardians have the ability through our on-line system to provide and upload all supporting information in a secure manner. The following list is provided:

  • Child's birth certificate
  • Medical information
  • Emergency contacts
  • Physician's phone number
  • Allergy information (including prescription or food allergies)
  • Digital (head/face) image of player

What is our Program Director(s) doing?

Immediately after the last registration date, our program Directors start the process of putting the training plan together, working with other volunteers that expressed an interest in coaching, and designing the match schedule. The program directors will conduct a few training sessions and then group the players by ability within their age brackets.  Parents do not have to wait to purchase a uniform kit, our club employs a standard uniform kit for all of the Arsenal FC Gunner programs and uniforms can be ordered through Gunners Academy over the phone or on-line.  

When do the coaches get their teams?

Volunteer coaches work with our Program Directors and support in training our players and match day experience. The training experience and match day experience are designed by grouping the players by ability with all the supporting coaching staff and under the program Directors oversight and guidance.    

When are the players contacted?

The program directors will initiate contact to all parents, players and supporting coaches with the details for the first training session and provide a breakdown of the program and training plan.  Once players are placed by age and ability after the program directors have assessed and placed all the players the teams will be provided a match schedule and a supporting or lead coach for match day.  The lead coach may have additional training with the players if desired. If the program directors have not called or emailed the players usually from the middle of the month to late in the month of the season opener, please contact the Director of Coaching.

Again, the program Directors will give you all the information you will need in regards to training times and location. If the volunteer lead coach once assigned performs an additional training session for players that coach would set his/her own training day(s), time and location. The practice fields are located at Cornland Park (also match fields) and we have permits for multiple Chesapeake schools.

The season is starting soon, and my child has not been contacted. What do I do?

Please do not panic if you see teams training and your player has not been notified remember not all teams will begin training at the same time. We have advance and travel players that may be training for their season as well.  Contact our program Directors and please keep in mind that very young teams, in particular, do not always begin training right away after registration closes.  If your player has not been called by two weeks after the close of registration, please email the general contact address at: Club Adminstrator .

What else does my child need?

The registration fee does not include a uniform (jersey, shorts, socks). Arsenal FC Gunner Academy uniform can be purchased from Gunners Academy

In addition, you may need to obtain cleats or athletic shoes, shin guards (required), a soccer ball (size depends on age, see below) and a water bottle.

Soccer ball size:

  • Size 3 (5U-8U)
  • Size 4 (10U-12U)
  • Size 5 (14U-19U)

How often are practices and games?

Pending age it is normal for 5U-8U to train once but no more than twice a week.  For 9U-19U and pending competitive level most players and teams train twice to three times a week.  Field times and training days are determined by your players coach and coordinated with program Directors and Director of Coaching. All Arsenal FC Gunner Academy matches will be on Saturdays at Cornland Park.

Spring Season Games:

  • Advance Teams / Travel Teams - first week of March
  • Gunners Academy  - third week of March

Fall Season Games:

  • All Teams - second week of September

Games will be held at Cornland Park, Chesapeake, VA.

For Advance Teams and Travel Teams our home field is Cornland Park and away games are held at designated TASL and VSLI sites.

Can my child switch teams?

We train all players in a pool academy style, we try our best to balance abilities during training as well as on match day.

However, for any player issues, please contact Gunners Academy Program Directors or the Director of Coaching.


Players withdrawing prior to the first match day will be issued a full refund. After the first match day, no refunds will be issued. All requests for a refund must be submitted in writing and accompanied by a self-addressed stamped envelope. This only applies to Arsenal FC Gunners Academy (Junior and Senior soccer players).  Additionally, the spring portion of a full-year registration is non-refundable.

Mail refund request to: [email protected]

Please note that all refund requests will take four to six weeks to process.

Late registration?

There is no late registration.

Please Remember…

This is an all volunteer based organization established to provide a positive experience for our children. Come to the games. Match days. Learn the rules. Above all, be patient, understanding and positive.  The players, coaches and referees are human and are putting forth time and effort for positive soccer experience. We will do our best to improve our club, if you have ideas come assist and volunteer and grow with us!


Contact an appropriate member of the Board.

Field Status

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Field 1D (11:11 AM | 11/05/23)

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Cornland Park (11:30 AM | 04/27/24)

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Corn #1 (11:30 AM | 04/27/24)

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Corn #2 (11:30 AM | 04/27/24)

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Corn #5 (11:30 AM | 04/27/24)

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Gunner Academy Senior Area 1 (11:30 AM | 04/27/24)

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